About the Author Dan Wellman is an author

About the Author Dan Wellman is an author and web developer based on the South Coast of the UK. By day he works alongside some of the most talented people he has had the pleasure of calling colleagues, for a small, yet accomplished digital agency called Design Haus. By night he writes books and tutorials on a range of front-end topics. He is hopelessly addicted to jQuery. His life is enriched by his four wonderful children, a beautiful wife, and a close circle of family and friends. This is his sixth book. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the book, the editorial team at Packt, the reviewers, and the hugely talented team responsible for jQuery UI. Props to my friends Steev Bishop, Andrew Herman, Dan Goodall, Aaron Matheson, James Zabiela, Jon Adams, Eamon O’Donoghue, and Dan Isles.

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